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Yuko Yamada

Artist Photographer since 2012

 Getty Images Moment contributor since  2012 

iStock. by Getty Images contributor since 2014  


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Current Location: Hiroshima, Japan 

2018 August 24-26 Tokyo.

2018 October 19-22 Tokyo 

2018 November 9-11 Ehime

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Camera Gear: 

Canon EOS 80D, EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM since April 2017..

Canon 550D (EOS Kiss X4)(2011 - March 2017), 

iPhone SE, Minolta α303si 


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  Hi, my name is Yuko. I was born in Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture in Japan. When I was three, I moved to Hiroshima Prefecture with my family. I was a curious tomboy and would love playing all kinds of sports. When I was five or six, I won a lottery at a local shopping street and got a compact film camera. I got so excited and pointed my new camera towards every thing I see - to my older brothers, my parents, my dog, and scenery I saw. I still remember that excitement. 

  My teenage memories are mostly related to sports - I was a long jumper and a basketball player, but I would always bring my camera with me. 

  From April 2009 to March 2013, I lived in Melbourne, Australia. I left Japan to become a Japanese language teacher but I found that it was not my passion, so I moved to a new field. The first place I lived was a room upstairs of a hairdressing salon in St. Kilda. I found a job at a takeaway sushi shop 5 minutes away from my place. I worked there so hard to make living and for a language school tuition because I needed to prepare for a university course. 

  In 2010, my father past away at the age of 61. I went home and spent some time with him. He left us after a week I went back to Melbourne. The last words he said to me was "You can leave now. Fly back to Melbourne." I respect him who would be always care for his family and show his love.   

  In 2011, I finished interpreting and translation course. People I met there gave me new perspectives and I had a really good time at school. 

  In 2012, I took up a TAFE course to learn a basic photography skills, at NMIT (currently Melbourne Polytechnic.) My photography career started since then. 

  In April 2012, I became a contributor for Getty Images Moment, and in September 2014. When I came back to my home town in 2013, my main focus was nature and landscape of places I visit and recently shifted to lifestyle and food photography. For lifestyle photography, Active Senior and Healthy Lifestyle are my main theme. In connection with that, my food photography is all about healthy food and healthy eating. I create things as natural as possible when cooking and shooting. I use local vegetables and natural ingredients as much as possible and sunlight through the window. It's a lot fun to cook, shoot, and share them with my family and friends. I guess food photography is my passion at the moment. There are still many things to learn and the world keeps moving my heart, so I will keep on going. 


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2012 Nov.- NMIT Espy Titles Exhibition (Melbourne, Australia)

2012 Aug. -NMIT Espy Corridor Exhibition (Melbourne, Australia)


2015 May -  Koko Mag Issue Two - Old Street 


2016 May.- iStockalypse - Kyoto 2016  


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